Rare Books LA this weekend, Oct. 15-18!

BIG NEWS: this weekend we are doing our first book fair in quite a while. Perhaps the best news is, you can attend wherever you are! Rare Books LA is online.

We will be displaying NEW INVENTORY FIT FOR A POLEMIC/PANDEMIC, including:

-a French warning about voter fraud from 1848

-a collection of early 1900’s Italian job-printed announcements/songs relating current events, including many scandalous crimes set to rhyme

-an 18th-century Italian guide to maintaining (or regaining) your health

-a French country housewife manual with seasonal menu suggestions, home remedies, and winemaking instructions

…and more, all more or less apropos of the dystopian world we currently inhabit!

So put on your comfiest slipper-socks, fill a mug with hot cider, and cozy up to your computer. In addition to our online booth, of course there will be a hundred more to peruse; and – barring actual browsing – is there anything better than so many books/manuscripts/ephemera at your fingertips? Enjoy! We will.

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