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IMG_5963New York City Book and Ephemera Fair 2019
63 items – concerning gingerbread bakers, nuns, rebels, actors, travelers, housewives…- dating from 1634 to 1900, which were exhibited at our second NYC book fair.



January 2019: Working Womenimg_5459
Eight items concerning women and their work, including: a pocket guide to a villa designed by a 17th-c. female architect; a graduating midwife’s prize set of a famous midwifery manual; manuscript letters from one 19th-c. female author to another complaining about money; and the first edition of a Utopian-Socialist-Feminist essay by Paul Gauguin’s grandmother.


IMG_4968Holiday 2018, Part I: Domestic Science
A chronological list of 15 items dated 1671-1951, mostly cookery, but also including: the first edition of Mrs. Sandford’s Woman, in her Social and Domestic Character; a French woman’s manuscript account/recipe book; and an epic poem on “anti-gastronomy.”



Washington Antiquarian Book Fair 2017IMG_8297
For the #WABF, here is a chronological list of items ranging from a 16th-century French binding to an artist’s book by Rodin’s last student.




Girl's Scrapbook from 1925-196

New York City Book & Ephemera Fair 2017
A list of 68 items exhibited at our first ever book fair. Almanacs, arts & crafts, cookery & domestic science, curiosa, education & etiquette, fashion, philosophy, religion, science, theater, travel, women (authors, artists, royals, a saint, and an alleged murderess).



Valentine’s Miscellany 2017
25 items ranging from poetry in Provençal to French novels inscribed by the author.






Thanksgiving Miscellany 2016
For this year’s pre-holiday list, here is a chronological miscellany of items concerning women at home and at work, cookery, travel, poetry, theater, wine, sugar science, and more.





Rentrée/Education 2016
To celebrate the start of the school year, here is a list on materials concerning education: manuals, textbooks, dictionaries, academic prizes, and more.





Aides-Memoires 2016
As our year in Paris draws to a close, it seems appropriate to offer this list of “aides-memoires” including albums, almanacs, sammelbands, and souvenirs.




img_3360Poisson d’Avril 2016
In belated honor of the French holiday Poisson d’Avril, and in the whimsical spirit of The J. Peterman Company catalogs, we present this mini list of recent acquisitions. (Fuller descriptions available upon request.)



Valentine’s Day 2016
Roses are red, violets are blue, for Valentine’s Day, here’s list number two! In this love-themed catalogue you will find: an 18th-century manual for pet lovers; an illustrated catalogue for wine experts; a unique collection of turn-of-the-century photographs of women; a female author’s argument for polygamy in 1930’s Palestine; and more.




Thanksgiving 2015
Our first ever selection of books for sale, just in time for holiday shopping. Something for everyone on the “naughty” list, and even a few things for the “nice.”